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wow! amazing work! the graphics were outstanding, and so was the animation! really cool design on the sapce ships, and the animation of the fights were just amazing!!! maybe one little thing, i couldnt always completel;y understand what the ppl were saying. Dont get me wrong, i heared almost everything, but some characters were a little bit hard to understand, especially for a non-native english speaker like me (is that a word...:S) but anyway, VERY NICE WORK, and im looking forward to see the first episodes!


hehe, congrats met de frontpage! wel verdiend mang... is egt vette style, en lijkt me ook pokke veel werk om al die hoofden uit te knippen mang... damn... maar goed, blijf vooral zo doorgaan, misgien iets minder cliche humor, alhoewel het nog grappig was ook soms :) ik moest er soms hardop om lachen, en dat zegt heel wat ;)

keep it up

RavenJinn responds:

Heys Thank you, Yes I know, but the next Episode will have a great story line.


hehe, i can see you sitting beside your desk, doing stupid in front of the mic... well i hope you had a laugh out of it, because i didnt... come on man, practise before you enter... this one JUST survived, because people could love about you doing stupid, and its better then the average noob stick, or sprite movie... but for heavens sake, practise! ...ALOT!

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well, i actually liked it! It sure isnt the best game ever, you know that. But if you started 2 weeks ago with flash... this is AMAZING :)

i sure you know, it lacks story, so it gets boring after a while, but the graphics were good, the sound was good, the gameplay was good...

well what can i say, youve got potentional... stay flashing! ;) :P

HappyGrave responds:

why thank you. I am working on a little somthing that will make the game make more sense. I also hope to make more "levels" in the game to make it more fun to play


wtf! your own buttons dont even work...

elephunt responds:

wait a bit at the begining


wow, great game... really amused me too the end. the final stage with the king pacman was brilliant, so was the animation of the explosions... for ppl who arent as good as me, but still want to see the finalstage, keep on rightclicking > play till you reach the final stage, you have to turn off the sound cuase the loop will repeat for each level ;) enjoy

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